Ideally located in one of the largest economic hubs from Africa, the company Kumasan is particularly well positioned geographically to offer you an efficient service of “Control and Control” of the movements of your freight both import and export. While remaining economically competitive on all your transit and transport operations, Kumasan offers you a set of quality services orchestrated by a team of professionals. To serve you better, two Kumasan offices in Abidjan and Paris are open and ready to welcome you.



We perform for you all the administrative, technical and commercial operations of the ship during its port call.


We carry out all goods transit operations in a very strict regulatory framework. We take care of all the paperwork and …..


We bring together all the Activities and Services you need to carry out your goods movements as soon as possible and also ….


We offer a wide range of intrinsically safe products specifically certified for use in marine and offshore applications.

The development of Africa has been based for several years on agriculture and exploitation of raw materials. Since these agricultural products and raw materials are largely destined for the outside, it has proved useful to facilitate the emergence of economic operators specialized in transporting these products to foreign markets. This has led to the emergence of important players in the maritime sector.

Because of the high potential offered by this sector, the Kumasan company was created to be a credible alternative to the major players in this field. Indeed, each Kumasan Agency created in an area port is a link in the chain.The first Agency Kumasan was created in 2007 in Cote d’Ivoire, and served as a laboratory for the creation of other Kumasan in Africa.



Maritime transport is in perpetual motion.

That’s why we strive to provide you with quality service and provide you with reliable information, thanks to our professional and competent teams, both for regular shipping companies and for tramping.