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Thanks to our wide range of products, we cover different types of equipment and several groupage services. We can guarantee the safe arrival of your cargo, at the right time and in the most cost-effective way possible. In order to ensure ever greater reliability, we have set up protective services in each of the world’s leading container ports.


The international freight forwarder coordinates part of the transport logistics

By definition, a freight forwarder is an intermediary who manages the transport of a commodity when it has to meet one or more successive transport changes. Simply put, the transit agent handles a good deal of the transport logistics. In addition, the freight forwarder can be either a person or a company, and can be designated by the consignee as well as the shipper of the goods.

By extension, the role of the international freight forwarder is therefore to organize the transport and coordinate the various actors involved, during the transfer of goods between several countries. In concrete terms, the coordination carried out by the international freight forwarder includes the following major missions::

  • Manage relationships with all relevant partners (insurance companies, carriers, chambers of commerce, customs, etc.).
  • Ensure the connection between carriers, regardless of their route (air, sea, river, road, rail, etc.).
  • To guarantee the continuity of the transport, so that the goods reach their destination as soon as possible and in optimal conditions.
  • Track the routing of goods and inform his client.
  • Manage administrative procedures related to transportation and changes.