Maritime transport

Maritime transport consists of moving goods or persons for the most part by sea, even if, occasionally, the maritime carrier may use channels (Panama Canal in particular) and take charge of pre-routing or post-routing (positioning a container at the shipper and its transport to the port, for example). Such a trip will be covered by a bill of lading as part of the regular line or a charter contract as part of a tramping service (where tonnages are important, for example).

Kumasan offers its customers maritime transport solutions well designed to meet their specific needs and allow them to optimize the cost of shipping their goods without affecting the quality of shipping.

As such, we take care of all types of goods and transport them according to the following scenarios:


Our contractual relations with shipowners and operators of regular container lines as well as the preferential tariffs that are granted to us directly or through our worldwide network, allow us to propose the transport in complete containers whatever the origin or the destination with excellent control of costs and deadlines.


This is a service we manage through our customs store located in the port area of ​​Radès since 1996. Our partnership with consolidators operating on different platforms in Europe, Asia and USA allows us to be very competitive for this kind of transport and able to offer complete solutions from ex works until delivery to the final address.


We put at your disposal our expertise and know how to choose the right type of load for your heavy goods or oversized. Being in control of the entire process relating to the management of these products that can not be transported in usual equipment such as containers or trailers, we offer specific equipment and provide ancillary services such as obtaining the necessary authorizations, calibration and the stowage and conclusion of insurance at your request.


The Maritime Agency Mohab, as an authorized shipping agent, offers shipowners and charterers their local representation as well as the assistance of their ships of regular lines or tramping during their berthing in the Tunisian ports and offers them the services following :

  • To oversee the reception and delivery of goods
  • Perform the administrative formalities with the authorities
  • Revitailleur the ship
  • Establish stopover accounts
  • Provide ongoing communication with clients